As above so below

Tother as One you have come to honor and respect the essence of each other. The time has come for you to remember that you are all of the One, that there is no good nor bad, nor right nor wrong, all is a question of choice and response. Only the vibration from which you create, the currency that is held in your manifestation, will trigger the answer from the filed around you. The sisters come to remind you that it is only together that you will seed the new.

SURRENDER as you release the judgement,
IGNITE the unity codex that sits within the sisters,
SISTERS of the Pleiades assist Heaven on Earth,
TENDRENESS in all times, infinite compassion,
ENLIVEN this vast connection through the stars,
REMEMBER that you all seed from the One,
HOLDING each one a puzzle piece for all,
0BVIOUSLY needing each other to create the new,
0PEN your heart to your sisters as they show you,
DESTINY of all lies in igniting pure love.




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