Open to receive

Sit and receive, we say! Fill your beingness with the gifts of the universe. Enlighten your inner connections, as you choose to open your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies to receive the enlightened encoded information within the feminine heart. Allow this divine template to infuse your beingness.

FREE your life, connect to your spirit,
EXPERIENCE being One with all,
MANIFEST the purpose of your soul,
INCARNATE the essence of you,
NOTHING to do, relax and receive,
IN, within, is the key, deeper and deeper,
NOTHING to do, allow yourself to receive,
EMBRACE all that you are, dark and light.

HEAL your wounds, release your expectations,
ENLIGHTEN your thoughts, expand your beliefs,
ACKNOWLEDGE your true nature and potential,
RECONNECT with the divine within you,
TO receive what you spirit wishes to share.




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