Divine support

Through the sacred portals of the Earth, you travel through the stars and beyond, out of time. Awaken to the unlimited support of the Divine Sage that sits within the brothers. Allow yourself to embody the mastery within the physical body as the Brothers connect to assist the transcendence of the karmic cycles.

BURN your lower mind, your destructive patters,
RADIATE the light that will transcend the shadow,
OPEN your beingness to travel the dimensions,
THROUGH the grids of the Earth you can go,
HEAVEN is here on the Earth in the ever moment,
EMBRACE your true loving nature,
REMEMBER that the Brothers hold your hand,
HONOR your mastery as you connect with Gaia,
OPEN to your strength, sovereignty, and power,
OPEN to the stars as you birth a new Era,
DESTINY is to dawn freedom and love for all.




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