Self-realization - YOU are not alone

by Nathalie Moutia

09:06 | 06.21.2021

I had a life changing experience this morning, something that I will never forget.

Lately life has been very intense, I have been feeling overwhelmed, powerless, having the impression that whatever I do it is not enough, I do not have time and that nothing is changing however hard I try or don’t try.

I have been working on my limitations, being very imaginative, digging out my unconsciousness, working with my inner child and things just seem to get worse and worse.

When I noticed this, I knew that I was living a very important moment on my path of self-realization, as when things get harder and harder, that is a good sign. It means that I am close to discover one of my most precious inner treasures. One of these very special life changing AHHA moments, the ones you never forget.

So, this morning, I was consciously asleep in my dream. I wanted to wake-up but could not. I tried to open my eyes, I could feel my eyelids open, but I could not see. I took my mobile, trying to switch of the meditation that I was listening to, frightened that I would disturb my work colleagues, because I was sleeping in the office. I spent quite some time trying to find a solution so that I could wake up and not disturb. I tried everything I could think of, and nothing changed.

After some time, I was exhausted, I could not think of anything else, and suddenly, in despair, I prayed and asked for help from the bottom of my heart. At that very instant all my colleagues came forward out of nowhere, running benevolently towards me to help, and I woke up.

I was always told that the benevolent light beings around us can not interfere in our experience. They are not allowed to give us a hand, unless we call on them, as we have been gifted the mastery of personal will. Now I know deeply it is true and I will live connected to them for eternity.

This experience is a steppingstone on my self-realization journey. I am not on my own. I can choose to try to things alone, work my way out, but it so much easier and blissful if I ask for the unseen benevolent forces around me for help. So, I spent the day in the arms of all the light beings around me and experienced a graceful and life changing day.

Will you choose to do the same or do you still want to do everything alone?